Frequently asked questions

General Instructions

St. Julien Macaroons do not contain any preservatives and should be kept COLD in their airtight tub; refrigerated for up to one month or frozen for up to two years. Unlike most frozen foods, they may be refrozen after thawing without any damage to their delicate nature. When served at room temperature, our delicious macaroons become soft and chewy. Please let them thaw for 20 minutes at room temperature before serving. If you just can't wait that long, microwaving for approximately 5-10 seconds works too. 

Wait! You're saying I can thaw and refreeze my macaroons? Really?

Yup. We'd never recommend that strategy with frozen hamburger. Bad idea. Really bad idea. But for our delectable macaroons, well, they just continue to be amazing in so many ways. Take them out of the freezer, bring them up to temp, and let yourself be carried away by the almondy goodness. After indulging, if there are any left, put them back in their airtight container, make sure it's sealed shut, and pop those babies back in the freezer. But who are we kidding? There are never any left. In fact, you should probably order a second container, because running out is the real issue.

 Can I ship items from one order to multiple addresses?

Yes!  If you are ordering our delicious macaroons as a gift and would like to ship to multiple addresses, please take the following steps:

1.       Navigate to our website:

2.       Click on the Order link at the top of the home page.

3.       Add all the macaroons you desire to your cart and proceed to checkout.

4.       Enter your shipping address under step 2 of the checkout process titled Shipping.

a.       Select the ship method called Custom Order under Shipping Options.

5.       In the text box under step 3 of the checkout process titled Gift Options, enter the details (flavor, packaging and quantity) for each gift shipment in the following format:

Gift Address #1




6.       Enter the separate addresses for each gift in the boxes provided.

a.       Please ensure that the gift details provided in the text box correspond to the gift address that you’d like the macaroons shipped to.

7.       Proceed to Steps 4 (Payment) and steps 5 (Review & Purchase) to complete your order.

Are your macaroons really gluten free?

YES. St. Julien Macaroons have always been naturally gluten free, and we have carried our gluten free certification since 2010. We do not produce ANY products containing gluten, which means our equipment NEVER comes into contact with it. We proudly carry the CSA (Celiac Support Association, formerly the Celiac Sprue Association) gluten free certification, which is the most stringent of all gluten-free certifications in the nation. 


Do your macaroons contain nuts?

YES. All of our products are made using a base of crushed almonds. 


Do your macaroons contain dairy?

NO. As of June 2018, both of our original flavors, Honey Almond and Cocoa Almond, are completely dairy free. We will be introducing new flavors in the second half of the year. While we currently have no plans to utilize dairy products, please check the ingredients if you have a dairy sensitivity when ordering new flavors.


Do your macaroons contain any soy?

NO. They never will.


Aren't macaroons supposed to be made using coconut?

Macaroons date back a really, really long time. According to legend, they probably originated in Italy during the 8th Century. The name macaroon seems to come from the Italian word "ammaccare," which means, "to crush" and refers to the crushed almond paste which forms the base of traditional almond macaroons. Coconut was introduced into the macaroon world hundreds of years later, and was likely included because of its ability to act as a natural preservative. While we agree that coconut is delicious, we don't use it in our macaroons because we really value the special, delicate result that we get using our traditional recipe.